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Eat well. Sleep hard. Be polite.


Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream was created to help you sleep deeper, longer, and harder.


Made from six nutrient-rich ingredients, this foot cream is handcrafted to nourish and relax your whole body starting at the tips of your toes.

Thank you! For years I have coped with debilitating, sleep depriving muscle cramps due to the 15+ hours I spend on my feet in a restaurant and your sweet dreams foot cream is a life-saver – literally. Nothing worked – drinking tonic, eating bananas – but this magnesium cream does! I am grateful – great product, wonderful results – thank you.
— Tracey H.
My 4 year old is super restless and comes into our bedroom every night. Your magnesium cream has been a god send! He loves it and he sleeps so much better now, which translates to us sleeping better. I also use it for aches and pains at night after some particularly brutal Crossfit workouts. I have shared this magic cream with my husband, sisters, mother, my kids, and my personal trainer. ALL are amazed.
— Hilary Wallace
I cannot believe how wonderful Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream is. I do not get random body cramps while exercising, it helps sooth muscle injuries, and, most importantly, I use it every night to help me sleep. I can’t imagine being without it now.
— Mary F.
I’ve been using your magnesium cream for two months and haven’t had a single leg cramp during that time. It’s the longest period of time with no leg cramps in over ten years. Your product is the only remedy I’ve found! Thanks for this miracle cure!!
— Cindy
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Get your sweet dreams.