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How do I use Sweet Dreams Magnesium Cream?

Apply SDMC to the bottom of your feet or tops of your thighs - places where your skin is thin. Your feet are very porous and warm allowing the maximum benefit of magnesium absorption. It can also be applied to your abdomen if you are experiencing menstrual cramps.

Take a small amount and warm it in your hands, massage into your feet, thighs or abdomen. Wash your hands after use if you’d like, as the magnesium cream might feel slightly drying due to its salt content.

When do I use it?

Bedtime! Magnesium is naturally calming and promotes sleep, so apply it at bedtime.

Sweet dreams – and, you’re welcome.

Is there a downside? How often do I use it?

SDMC is safe to use everyday. You may experience loose stools initially when starting with magnesium cream, which may or may not be a welcome side effect. If this is bothersome reduce the frequency or amount you use and slowly increase it over time.

Your body will tell you how much is too much or too little. Listen to it.

Should I continue using other magnesium supplements orally if I am also using magnesium cream?

This is a matter of personal choice, it often depends on how well or how poorly each individual tolerates oral supplements. Magnesium cream offers a welcome alternative for those who prefer to avoid the inconvenience of taking pills or powdered beverages or for those who experience loose stools, diarrhea or GI upset when taking oral magnesium supplements.

Do I need to shower or rinse the magnesium cream off after using it?

Rinsing off the magnesium cream after use is a matter of personal preference, and depends on how much you apply and where it is applied on the body. It is unnecessary to rinse it off however you might want to wash your hands after application as it leaves a slightly dry feeling. Allow 20-30 minutes for proper absorption before rinsing if you choose to.

I have a knot in my shoulder, should I put this on it?

Magnesium cream does help with sore muscles and knots, but unlike Arnica or other natural pain relievers, magnesium works from the inside out. It allows your muscles to relax internally. Over time people have found that the magnesium cream does help dissolve stubborn knots.


I am not a doctor. This handmade product and information is provided to you with your wellness in mind. Results may vary with each individual. Please consult your physician if you are pregnant or nursing before adding magnesium cream to your regiment.

My products are all natural and do not contain preservatives. They are best used by the expiration date. Store out of sunlight and in a cool place.

For longer preservation, please refrigerate – especially during warmer months.